Wednesday, August 22, 2018
  Vintage Skivvies Drawers

You've stepped into the world's very first e-museum totally focused on what American men have worn under their trousers.

Throughout this modern marvel called the Archives by Vintage Skivvies® you'll find everything to ensure you are a hip and informed consumer, an enlightened enthusiast of the fine art and science of Men’s Classic Underwear

So look around the Archives and enjoy yourself. Capturing the beauty and quality of the art represented in our authentic illustrations is a feat that's not just neat, but a downright treat. We'll see you in the Skivvies Store when you're ready to stop living vicariously and start living fully — in the new, comfortable, modern, "cool" world of Vintage Skivvies.

  Vintage Skivvies Underwear History
The history of men’s underwear reads like a novel, following the social nuances and engineering breakthroughs of America. Men’s underwear has always been primarily functional, conforming to the body's natural shape, and made of sturdy, washable fabrics. Man’s anatomy has always dictated the design of his underclothes.
  Vintage Skivvies Underwear Ad Gallery
Ad Gallery
Look in the Ad Gallery to find out what men were doing in any particular decade – and what they had next to their skin when they were doing it. View over 600 Men's and Boys' underwear ads, from 65 American manufacturers, in 50 National publications, spanning over 7 decades—from 1900 - 1969.
  Vintage Skivvies Underwear Packaging
And just as fascinating as the articles of clothing they housed, the packaging of men’s underwear has always been a science of its own. You would simply go to your favorite department store, step up to the mens or boys underwear counter and a store clerk would assist you with your underwear measurements and purchase.
  Underwear Glossary of Terms Glossary
To be a really modern man today, you must be familiar with the French-back, Tie Sides, Speed Shorts, the once patented Klosed Krotch and much more.
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