Saturday, July 21, 2018
  Yoke Front Gripper Boxer Shorts

Vintage Underwear Ads

Stop. Look around you. Absorb the beautiful color illustrations in this section. They are art. And they are all pulled from advertisements run in America’s most prestigious newspapers and magazines for the past 70 years. Every image you will see in this art/ad gallery has been scanned from a true original. They are all first generation images — shining with the clarity and beauty that only first generations can possess — whether in paper or electronic digitally remastered media.

To add to the powerful and sensual experience of wandering through our gallery, we have interspersed words and illustrations depicting what was going on ... decade by decade ... from the previous turn of the century to the one we just witnessed over a decade ago.

Boy wearing yoke front boxer shortsNotice how we have progressed from the complete cover of the full union suit to the much smaller drawers so popular today. That journey took us through the athletic union suit (called athletic because of its sleeveless and knee length or mid-leg design, facilitating freedom of movement), the two-piece union suit, athletic knit undershirts and yoked shorts with tie-sides or fasteners, boxers with a full elastic band at the waist and, finally, briefs of varying degrees of brevity.

Man has done more great things in the last 100 years than ever before. And there is one thing you can be sure of: whenever and wherever the American male was achieving the world’s greatest accomplishments — he was wearing vintage skivvies!

Wander through the gallery, and see for yourself. But take a deep breath. It’s really beautiful stuff. And when you're fully impressed, stop by the Skivvies Store to get your own Vintage Skivvies T-shirt, shorts or suit — so you'll be wearing what's right next to your skin when you achieve your own history-making accomplishment.

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