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Old Britches, New Stiches

by Nick Hartshorn

5280 Magazine

Old school boxers reborn in Denver
Tired of wearing your same old boxers? Or, worse yet, are you enduring the stifling tighty whities that you grew up watching your old man wearing? Well, there's a Denver designer and entrepreneur who is out to change the way men (or least hip twenty something fellows) think about undergarments.

Vintage Skivvies Founder, Eric BairdIn a world where everything old is new again, Vintage Skivvies founder Eric Baird has come up with a pair of boxers that gives equal nods to comfort and history. After all, if they were good enough for the "greatest generation," it stands to reason, they'll be quite fitting for you.

Baird was researching a graphic design project when he stumbled upon the vintage drawers in old apparel catalogs from the 1950's. Up to that point, he says, "I thought that we had just two choices - boxers or briefs." His research, however, led him to discover that there were countless classic models that had been given up for gone once the elasticized waistband became ubiquitous.

What started out as a graphic design project morphed into an idea for a company: Why not renew old underwear classics for everyone? But why now? Why Boxers? Well, in case you hadn't noticed, countless cool young men these days are wearing jeans and shorts that take up residence somewhere around mid-thigh. "Saggers," as they are known, are the poster children for showing off one's underwear and, as Baird is quick to point out, "The combo of relaxed jeans and tie-side drawers is amazingly comfortable.

If my test ride is any indication, Baird may be on to something big. His first model, tie-side boxers, was inspired by a pattern of boxers that was the standard issue to GIs back in the 1940's. They're a white cotton extra full cut, button-fly pair of britches that wear like a dream - no elastic to cramp your style and lots of fabric to, well, experience.

Vintage Skivvies Tie-Side DrawersWhile currently available only at the website (www.vintageskivvies.com; priced at $25.00), Baird is actively pursuing retail placement where the aforementioned saggers (and anyone who rides any form of a board) are known to shop. And if they aspire to be comfortable as they skate and board around, Vintage Skivvies may become a hot-seller.

Indeed, Baird sees a lot of upside for the future. His hopes are to topple Joe Boxer, which perhaps indicated the beginning of its end by selling wares at the troubled Kmart chain, and take up a rightful place alongside Calvin and Tommy as an uber-designer of underwear.

If the enthusiasm and drive Baird has brought to Vintage Skivvies to date are any indication (not to mention the wonderful drawers themselves), he may just deliver on that promise.

Author: Eric Baird
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1 comments on article "Old Britches, New Stiches"


john martin

10/21/2013 4:53 PM

These look great and if they are comfy while boarding even better. Id be happy to wear them but alot of men seem to be set in their ways about what underwear they wear.

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