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Fall 2015 Menswear Trends

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Brandon in WWII DrawersWhat's hot for Fall 2015 - Military

Military is a strong trend again for autumn/winter 2015/16, with a particular interest paid to the First and Second World Wars and the influence they had on men's underwear. The traditional underwear worn by soldiers in the war has proved an inspiration to designers as jersey knits and vintage influences prove popular. The collarless jersey top is a key piece as designers replicate classic thermal undergarments. The union suit, an all-in-one piece worn by soldiers in World War One like those pictured above, is a clear inspiration, although it is made more contemporary by the use of two pieces rather than one.

Jersey knit tops, either in the style of collarless grandad shirts or basic scoop-necked tees at Miu Miu, recreate the simplicity of men's underwear from the 1940s. Ivory, cream, grey marl, olive green and khaki are key colors.

Like most other pieces of men's clothing, men's underwear greatly improved during the First and Second World Wars. Soldiers in World War One were the first to wear shorts with button flies, wearing them in place of their more restrictive union suits, and the style is still one of the most popular worn today.

This style of underwear has influenced many designers this season and many sent out models in button-front cotton jersey long johns worn with heavy military boots and chunky knitted socks.

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john martin

10/21/2013 4:49 PM

I sometimes wonder if the move from the union short was also todo with using less material as everything was in short supply in those days (poor pun). Obviously it was more functional but i bet that was not the only reason.

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